We Drive the Future
of In-Space Propulsion

Our in-space engines provide best in market efficiency and agility. They are a key building block for the in-space logistical networks of the future.


We are a Technical University of Munich spin-off

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And build Methane/Oxygen (Methalox) in-space propulsion systems

Our solution is..


Methalox is the most efficient space storable fuel


Methalox is the cheapest of the available space storable fuels


best in market agility
(ISP >> 340)


Hydrazine, the current state-of the art is highly toxic and is expected to get banned by the EU


Igniting Methane/Oxygen mixtures in rocket engines is surprisingly difficult, particularly in the vacuum of space. Our patent protected passive resonance ignition systems solve this problem without the need for external power, electrical connections, catalysts or movable parts. This Igniter is the key enabler for our quest to build the first Methalox in space propulsion system in the market.

Our test bench has been set up for the stepwise integration and demonstration of all critical features of our propulsion system.
Its mobile and modular design and real time data processing capabilities allow for rapid development cycles.

ignited rocket test bench


Jan Beushausen

The Solver

Jan Beushausen | CEO & CFO
Dipl. Kfm. (Uni), B. Eng. (FH)

Ten years professional experience | Five years team lead | Business Angel | Space enthusiast

MAN | Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena | Hamburger Fernhochschule | DMG Mori

Christian Bauer

The Visionary

Dr. Christian Bauer  | CEO & CTO
Ph.D. resonance ignition
Rocket test bench expert | Two patents filed | PhD Scholarship | Project lead DLR STERN | Freelancer | Industrial designer

Technical University of Munich | IMA Automation | Munich Aerospace

Felix Schliy

The Optimist

Felix Schily | CSO
Ph.D. cand. multi-phase flow
Rocket test bench expert | Expert for combustion instability and heat transfer
Engineering at heart

Technical University of Munich

Rahand Dalshad

The Man of Action

Dr. Rahand Dalshad | COO
Ph.D. combustion analysis, reactive flows

Test benches expert | Passion to create solutions

Universität Stuttgart | Universität der Bundeswehr München


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